Monday, August 31, 2015

Art 451 Project Ideas

  1. I have some ideas I would like to make for this class. I would like to create an interactive piece but not really sure what its actual purpose it will be. In my previous digital media classes, I have explored circuit bending which really caught my attention and found interesting. I would like to create an object in which I have played around with the wires and would like to make a video either playing the instrument or having other people trying to interact with it. I would like to add special effects to my video, using some inspirations from Shana Moulton’s work.
  2. As for a class theme, I would like to do something that relates to social media and everyday interaction with the internet. Display how it has changed our culture, society, and generations. It is something important in our day life now that we use technology, social media, and internet unconsciously. We never stop to think how it has shaped us into who we are now and where we get our influences, to identify ourselves, etc.